its not living

(if it’s not with you)


An emotion that seems to be the end point

The plot of every book novel and poem

Lack of

The effects of

The obsession with

As an outsider looking in for so long the concept of love always seemed somewhat


The love I speak Of here is not that which is forced upon us with the phrase “but I love them because they’re my “insert blood relation here”

I believe the first person I ever loved I still love to this day

she was, is and always will be my best friend

she’s the person the person that taught me the meaning of the word friendship

The person I would jump into an abyss for

But the love I feel for her is not the same as I feel for him

Much like being with her, I can’t imagine a world or my life without him. If anything when I look in his eyes I can see the whole of my life with him.

He radiates a happiness that my whole being longs for, hence why the majority of my thoughts since we locked eyes once again have been


How is it possible to feel as if I have always loved him when in truth I’ve only been able to call him mine for a few short months?

It’s as if my soul although more complete after finding her, has been lost with out him

searching for him

waiting for him

When I am with him it’s as if just for a while the heavy fog that suffocates my mind

is gone

And I can truly be who I am and want to be, I can be unapologetically happy

even when i feel most vulnerable, lost or frightened all I have to do is look at him,

and im safe, im home

so now all i can do is thank them and hope we never have to say goodbye

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in another, and the delight in the recognition” – Alexander Smith